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 Seven Sorrows ~ The Servite Chaplet

  Silver, Silverplate & Alpacca



The medallion on this early 20th century chaplet has a foundry stamp that says either AP or NP, and is signed by the artist. The signature is tiny and very faint but looks like it is the noted medalist F. Penin. The bale is marked France in raised letters and may have a purity mark at the top, but wear has made this too hard to read.

The chain and links are silver, the oval beads are lacquered wood. The medals are also silver, oval with a deco boarder and with artwork very similar to the medallion. Reverse of the medallion shows the crucifixion. There are no inscriptions.



A delicate and lovely chaplet from the mid 19th century, with beads made from Jobs Tears seeds, brass links, and coiled brass spacers. The medals are thin with scalloped edges, made from stamped brass and were originally silver plated. The coiled spacers appear to have been silvered as well. Most of the silver plate has worn away.

The art on the the medals is amazingly detailed, and still crisp. There is a portrait style Madonna on each medal with the inscription Mater Dolorosa Ora Pro Nobis. In place of a medallion there is a stamped crucifix that is original to the chaplet, silver plated brass with a scalloped edge. The cricifix is double sided, an indication of it's antiquity, and shows the crucified Christ over a scull and bones on one side, and on the reverse, a crowned Madonna and baby Jesus between the two sacred hearts.




Rare 'Standing' Mother of Sorrow with inscription in Italian; 'B. V. Addolorata'. Medallion is unmarked silver with a bead boarder and scalloped edges. Reverse has symbols of the passion, a bead border, no inscription. The medals are also silver, with a standing Madonna, similar to the artwork on the medallion but slightly different. The medals have a plain raised border, and there is no inscription.

The chain and bead links appear to be silver. The beads are wood and oval - they are fairly uniform but there is some variation. The appear to be hand-turned, but with care and craftsmanship. Very similar to 7sorrowsBB. There is a small base-metal tag saying Made In Italy. The tag also has a beaded border.