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Mysteries ~ There were 3 mysteries until John Paul II added Luminous Mysteries in 2002.

1830 The Miraculous Medal

The vision of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal is said to have appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré in 1830 in the convent of Rue du Bac, Paris.

1846 La Salette

The apparitions of Our Lady of La Salette were reported in La Salette in France in 1846 by two shepherd children, Mélanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud

1858 Lourdes

Marian apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes are reported to have occurred in 1858 to Bernadette Soubirous.

1871 Pontmain

The apparitions at Our Lady of Pontmain, France also called Our Lady of Hope were reported in 1871 by a number of young children. The final approval for the apparitions of Our Lady of Hope was given in 1932 by Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, who later became Pope Pius XII.[citation needed]

1879 Knock

On the evening of 21 August 1879, people whose ages ranged from five years to seventy-five and included men, women, teenagers, children, witnessed what they claimed was an apparition of Our Lady, St Joseph, and St John the Evangelist. Behind them and a little to the left of St John was a plain altar. On the altar was a cross and a lamb, with adoring angels.

1888 Notre-Dame-du-Cap

The old church was retained and dedicated on June 22nd. 1888 as Notre-Dame-du-Cap. Since that time the first Marian Shrine in Canada - Our Lady of The Cape - has seen millions of pilgrims visiting here, including Pope John Paul 11. In 1924 a commemoration bridge was built in the gardens with the links from one side to the other as replicas of huge Rosary beads.



Saint Therese

Therese of Lisieux, 'The Little Flower', was born in France in 1873. Her one dream as the work she would do after her death, helping those on earth. "I will return," she said. "My heaven will be spent on earth." She died on September 30, 1897. She was beatified in 1923, canonised in 1925, declared co-patron of the missions with Francis Xavier in 1927, and named co-patroness of France with St. Joan of Arc in 1944.

1910 Scapular Medal

Pius X introduced the Scapular Medal Holy Office December 16, 1910.

1917 Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima is a title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary with respect to reported apparitions of her to three shepherd children at Fatima in Portugal on the 13th day of six consecutive months in 1917, starting on May 13.

October 13, 1917, The Miracle of the Sun: Medals and rosary centers showing Mary holding the Christ child and offering a scapular and a rosary commemorate the 6th Fatima vision. "...and I saw Our Lady once more, this time resembling Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, holding the child Jesus in one hand and the brown scapular in the other hand. "

1945 (1531) Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas

In 1531, Saint Juan Diego reported an early morning vision of the Virgin Mary on the Hill of Tepeyac in Mexico. In 1945 Pope Pius XII declared the Virgin of Guadalupe "Queen of Mexico and Empress of the Americas", and "Patroness of the Americas" in 1946. Pope John XXIII invoked her as "Mother of the Americas" in 1961. In 2002 Pope John Paul II declared Juan Diego a saint.

1954 Marian Year

Pope Pius XII ordered a Marian year for 1954, the first in Church history.

1981 Medjugorje

Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary have been seen at Medjugorje since 24 June 1981.


Country of Origin


1916 1922  Irish Republic
1918 1993 Czechoslovakia

Czechoslovakia existed from October 1918 until 1993. Prior to 1918 the bead making region of Czechoslovakia was called Bohemia and was part of the Austrian empire. Bead making in Czechoslovakia was nationalized in 1948, and went into hiatus until about 1958. After Czechoslovakia was dissolved in 1993 Bohemia became part of the Czech Republic.

1922 1937 Irish Free State, Eireann
1937 1949 Eire or Ireland, although “Ireland” may appear on Irish rosaries of any date.
1949 present Republic of Ireland or Eire


Misc. Regulations 

1905   National Gold and Silver Stamping Act

In 1905 the US passed a law that all precious metals entering and/or sold in the US must be marked with their precious metal content, i.e.  "sterling", "925", "800" etc. Older items may or may not be be marked, and the designations were not standardized.

1963   Zip Codes

5-digit zip codes were introduced in the U.S. in 1963. 9-digit codes were introduced in 1983. Rosaries won't have zip codes (of course), but look at the address on any accompanying pamphlet or packaging.